Italian Orange Celebration Gift Box
Italian Orange Celebration Gift Box

Italian Orange Celebration Gift Box


Lyre’s has made the impossible possible, by crafting non-alcoholic spirits which have won praise around the world. Lyre’s spirits are a brilliant alternative if you don’t want to imbibe. They look, taste and sashay around the palate just like the original. 

The Drinks Directive has selected Lyre’s Italian Orange for this gift box. Designed to capture the essence of a bitter orange aperitif such as Campari, Italian Orange has rich flavours of blood orange and red citrus, balanced by maraschino cherry.  Enjoy it as a classic Italian aperitif, mixed with tonic and garnished with citrus. Salute!

We’ve added all the elements you need to create this summer drink including Rocks glasses by Riedel, Fever Tree premium Indian Tonic, a DrinksPlinks Mega Cube ice tray, dehydrated citrus to garnish and superb handcrafted dark chocolate for added indulgence. Presented in a black gift box with a DrinksPlinks card. 

700ml Lyres Italian Orange non alcoholic spirit (0% alcohol)
2 x Rocks glasses by Riedel
2 x Fever Tree premium Indian tonic
DrinksPlinks MegaCube ice tray
40 g pack dehydrated citrus by Gin Mates
Monsieur Truffe handmade Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt
DrinksPlinks Gift Card
Black Gift Box

Delivered free of charge