Whisky Fanatic Gift Box

Whisky Fanatic Gift Box


What a way to reward the whisky fanatic in your life.

The box includes two superb whisky Rocks glasses by Riedel. These glasses are perfect for spirits served on the rocks or a mixed cocktail and are designed especially for large format ice.

We’ve added a DrinksPlinks Pyramid ice tray which produces solid ice pyramids; designed to be slow-melting so they chill your drink, not dilute it. [So important for Whisky fans.] Also included is a pack of dehydrated orange and blood orange to garnish or nibble on.

Presented in a black gift box with a DrinksPlinks card.

2 x Whisky Rocks glasses by Riedel
DrinksPlinks Pyramid ice tray
40 g pack dehydrated citrus by Gin Mates
DrinksPlinks Gift Card
Black Gift Box

Delivered free of charge