Baileys Ice Cube Tray
Baileys Ice Cube Tray

Baileys Ice Cube Tray


DrinksPlinks is proud to offer all Baileys drinkers the perfect ice cubes to accompany this world-famous drink.

Baileys is an Irish Cream Liqueur, an alcoholic drink flavoured with cream, cocoa, and Irish Whisky. It has an alcohol content of 17%.


Baileys Irish Cream was created by Tom Jago of Gilbeys of Ireland, as the company was searching for a new drink to introduce to the international market. The formation of Baileys was motivated partly by the availability of Irish Whisky and a desire to use surplus cream from another business.

It is the original Irish Cream, introduced in 1974. 

How Baileys is made?

Cream and Irish Whisky are homogenised to form an emulsion. The process prevents the alcohol and cream from separating. Baileys contains a proprietary cocoa extract giving Baileys its famous chocolatey character.

How long will Baileys last?

Baileys isn’t the only Irish Cream liqueur but it’s the only one that promises freshness for a minimum of two years. The best before date is stamped on each bottle, exactly two years after the batch was made. Baileys can be refrigerated after opening, but as long as it’s kept below 25 degrees Celsius, the liqueur will maintain its shelf life. For the optimum taste and flavour, we recommend consuming Baileys within 6 months of being opened.

How to drink Baileys

It's so rich and full of flavour, one of the best ways to drink it is over ice so you can sip and savour the taste of the liqueur. A slow melting DrinksPlinks Megacube or Letter B is perfect, so it chills your drink, not dilutes it. You can also use Baileys in a martini, or an Irish Coffee.

Made from food-grade silicone. Free of BPA, BPS, phthalates. 
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