Whisky Disciple Gift Box

Whisky Disciple Gift Box


This gift box has all the essentials for a whisky drinker who appreciates quality.

We always start with beautiful glassware designed specifically to showcase the alcohol. Riedel Rocks glasses are perfect for whisky! We’ve added two classic DrinksPlinks ice trays – a Mega Cube and a Pyramid which sit superbly in the glass. Our ice shapes are slow melting so they chill your drink not dilute it.

Also included is a pack of dehydrated orange and blood orange to garnish or nibble on, as well as a block of artisan Whisky & Nibs chocolate, hand-made in Melbourne.

Presented in a black gift box with a DrinksPlinks card.

2 x Whisky Rocks glasses by Riedel
DrinksPlinks Pyramid ice tray
DrinksPlinks Megacube ice tray
40 g pack dehydrated citrus by Gin Mates
Monsieur Truffe Whisky & Nibs handmade chocolate
DrinksPlinks Gift Card
Black Gift Box

Delivered free of charge