Hellooo ... We're DrinksPlinks

We make silicone ice cube trays for cocktails and drinks at home.
Our ice trays produce big, bold shapes and letters.
Our ice melts s-l-o-w-l-y, so it chills your drink, not dilutes it. [No one wants that!]
We’re Melbourne-owned and designed and we know how to party.

The Alphabet of Ice Cubes

Pre-orders are OPEN for letters E F H I K L O P Q T U X Y

Easy and impressive

How to make rosemary slabs

Our friends at Etch Sparkling used fresh rosemary in our Unconventional Slabs to take their drinks next level. 

How beautiful do they look!

Etch Sparkling makes stunning alcohol-free beverages using native Australian ingredients. Pop some bottles in the fridge. 

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Gin Sips and Cool Tips for Spring

It’s time to get out the diary and organise brunch and breezy cocktails - before life gets completely crazy as we hurtle towards the end of the year. 

Classic G&T Gift BoxLetter GGin Tote BagUnconventional SLABTom Collins Gift Box

Just for Gin Lovers

Ice Cubes Fun & Gifts