Frequently Asked Questions

What are DrinksPlinks trays made from?

Our trays are 100% food grade silicone, free from BPA, so you can book, bake, make and freeze ice in them. They’re designed to be used year after year, which makes them better for all the large ice(bergs).

Do you have a guarantee?

We sure do, and it's a whopping 5 years!  We've designed our trays with a thicker than average silicone width, so you may push and pull them as much as you like and they'll last the distance. 

What is the best way to get letters out of the silicone moulds, any tips?

The best way to unmould your ice letters and shapes is to take the tray out of the freeze and turn it upside down. Then wait for 60 seconds while you get the rest of your cocktail ingredients ready.  Gently pop your ice shapes out from the base and into your glass.  Listen for the plink! Easy.

Can I design my own shape?

We work with companies and individuals to design custom shapes for a special event, a big celebration or a corporate gift. A minimum order of 1000 trays is needed for bespoke designs. Please contact us if you’ve got something in mind. We’d love to bring your vision to life.

Can DrinksPlinks trays go in the dishwasher?

Yes, the ice trays are dishwasher safe. You can also wash them by hand in hot soapy water, but please, no abrasive scourers.

Can DrinksPlinks trays go in the oven?

Yes they can. The ice trays are 100% food grade silicone, free from BPA, and can be used for baking up to 220C (428F). 

We love baking brownies in the DrinksPlinks moulds, but here’s a pro tip. When you take them out of the oven, don’t try to unmould the brownies just yet. Pop the trays into the freezer for about 90 mins, then unmould. It makes it so much easier. 

You can use DrinksPlinks moulds for chocolate and confectionery. Here’s a link to our awesome Rocky Road recipe.

The trays are also perfect for crafting with resin, making candles, crayons and bath bombs. Go mad!

What does DrinksPlinks mean and where does it come from?

We’re asked all the time where the name DrinksPlinks comes from and what it means.

We didn’t invent the word plink. It’s in the dictionary and technically means a short, sharp ringing sound.  

We think it’s more like a cross between tinkling and clinking. In our world, plink is that joyous sound of ice hitting the glass as you build a cocktail on a Friday night. Is there anything better? How about the gentle plink of ice in a tall drink on a scorching day or the plink of a mega cube in a whisky glass in front of the fire or the party plink of all the glasses when everyone says cheers!

So, when it came to finding a name for our big, bold ice shapes, DrinksPlinks was perfect, because our ice shapes and letters are slow melting (they chill your drink; not dilute it) DrinksPlinks plink for longer.