Give Your Drinks The Chill They Deserve
Ice is an essential ingredient in cocktails, but it’s importance is often overlooked, especially when making cocktails at home.  The ice in cocktails deserves as much attention as the spirits, mixers, bitters and syrups you use.  One of the most...
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Ding Dong. Your Gin Is Here!
The popularity of gin is on the rise and there’s never been a better time for lovers of this spirit, especially in Australia. We’re seeing a surge in the number of well produced Australian craft gins from distilleries around the...
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DrinksPlinks megacube
We’re asked all the time where the name DrinksPlinks comes from and what it means. We didn’t invent the word plink. It’s in the dictionary and technically means a short, sharp ringing sound. We think it’s more like a cross...
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Tips For Using DrinksPlinks

Before the cocktails start flowing find out what you need to know about DrinksPlinks for freezing, creating beautiful letters and shapes every time and cleaning (yes they are dishwasher safe). 

DrinksPlinks trays are 100% food grade silicone, free from BPA, and can be used for baking up to 220C (428F), so you can bake, cook, and make resin, crayon, candle, bath bomb creations and more...

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