Cool Trays + Hot Tips

Clean Before You Freeze. Give your tray a warm, soapy bath in the sink - no abrasive stuff, please! Or put them in the dishwasher. 

Freeze for Fabulousness. Pop your tray on a flat surface or balance the tray on one hand (for the thrill seekers), and fill it up with liquid. Stick it in the freezer for about five hours. Pro tip: fully frozen ice = flawless shapes!

Release the Goods. Once frozen solid, flex that silicone magic and peel the silicone away from the ice, or push it out from the bottom of the tray! This tray is tough and it can take it. 

DrinksPlinks Trays Are For ice, baking, creating and crafting. Lifting your hosting game. Being a better gift giver and turning the same old into ‘remember when’.

DrinksPlinks Trays Aren’t For any silicone sins.  No oily business or staining culprits like turmeric and tomato paste.