Unique Ice Cube Shapes

Amp up marketing in a unique and personalised way

This new-to-market opportunity lends itself to consumer brands, corporate businesses, gifting, marketing activations, PR, events, venues and more.

Design the shape, size, PMS colour for the silicone, then add your own stamp to every ice shape by including your logo, letter or symbol.

Value: for your customer. High trending category - YOY 10.7%+ growth expected.

Versatility: Social media, competitions, special events, GWP etc. Freeze them, bake up to 220 degrees celsius, crafting activities, candles etc.

Longevity: Long-life product consumers will associate with your brand, every time they put ice in their drink. 

MOQ: 1,000 pcs
Lead time 4-6 months

Download our flyer, email cheers@drinksplinks.com or call +61 491 333 054


work with us

We are marketing and product development experts who provide custom solutions to strengthen your brand. 

We understand deadlines and deliverables and communicate at all points in the development and production phase.

Our reputation is built on quality, you'll notice it straight away. Our silicone is 2mm thick, on purpose.  We design our trays for long life use, so they are enjoyed year after year. This makes them better for the planet, including our world’s largest ice shapes, floating in the sea. 

Looking for the entire package?  We can design and supply boxes and cards, and can help you distribute nationally and internationally.

our partners

trust: Food compliance and quality are the backbone of every product our partners design and make. They have held major international kitchenware brands as customers for more than 25 years.

transparency: We work directly with the factory which means we and our colleagues in Hong Kong have access to the production site at any time and can verify production processes, working conditions, product quality etc. Our work is never outsourced to a third party factory where raw materials can unknowingly be swapped around and products may no longer pass chemical testing. 

audits: All are partners are regularly audited for social responsibility and quality. All trays are made from food grade silicone, which is free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates. Declarations of compliance regulations for the raw materials are provided with every order.

ownership: There are many tales of products being copied by other factories before production even begins. Your bespoke design will be held in our factory and will never be replicated or used for any other client.

Download our flyer, email cheers@drinksplinks.com or call +61 491 333 054