About DrinksPlinks

Welcome to the wonderful slow melting world of DrinksPlinks. Created to be real conversation pieces, DrinksPlinks are designed to be celebrated every time you raise your glasses.

These are no ordinary ice shapes. Each big, bold letter and shape is sized to have attitude, which makes them perfect for gifting to your favourite spirit, cocktail and soft drink drinkers and to those who have first or last names to match.

There’s nothing quite like a personalised ice shape!

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, DrinksPlinks trays are 100% food grade silicone, free from BPA, which means they are also safe to bake up to 428F or 220C and are dishwasher safe.

DrinksPlinks trays are designed for long life use, so you can keep enjoying them year after year. This makes it better for the planet, including our world’s largest ice shapes, floating in the sea.

Enjoy your ice shapes with attitude and please share your DrinksPlinks moments.


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e:  cheers@drinksplinks.com
t:  +61 491 333 054