About DrinksPlinks

The Story so Far

Tania Brocker the founder created DrinksPlinks in the middle of a pandemic in Melbourne, Australia in 2020. Tania's curiosity was aroused as she sat on the couch looking at her Gin & Tonic with added ice and noticed that it wasn't long before the ice melted diluting her G&T.

What if There Was a Better Ice Cube?

Being a curious soul and an entrepreneur Tania started checking out ice trays available locally, as well as ice moulds selling around the world. What she discovered was a genuine gap in the market and a big opportunity to develop large format ice cubes that melted slowly to chill drinks, not dilute them.


Looking deeper into Ice Cube tray options, other questions came to mind such as;

  • What if the ice was made in different shapes to bring some fun to drinks at home?
  • What if the ice was designed to sit perfectly in a Rocks glass (for whisky and scotch drinkers), which is an old fashioned glass for lovers of mixed drinks and a Highball glass for tall drinks?
  • What if the ice was in the shape of the letters of the most popular spirits in the world?

Launching the DrinksPlinks Brand

DrinksPlinks is Tania's ‘covid baby’ which is a positive news story to come out of the pandemic. With a burning passion, she spent the next few months (still in lockdown) designing the initial range which consisted of four shapes plus four letter as follows:

Tania sourced a manufacturer to produce prototypes for the trays and she tweaked and tested and re-tested the designs to ensure the ice was the right size for the glasses. In addition, it was important that the ice cube could be easily removed from the mould without breaking and most important of all, that it was slow melting.

Pressing 'GO' on production was a big moment not least because there is so much to do on the business side, such as finding a name that could be trademarked, designing packaging, organising photography, finding warehouse space, sorting distribution, shipping and logistics plus all the details in between (and yes, Melbourne was still in lockdown!).

The Product

Right from the start, Tania set out to make DrinksPlinks a high quality brand in the niche.

It's true that you can certainly buy cheaper ice cube trays, but DrinksPlinks are large format ice shapes that don’t break when they come out of the silicone trays. They are also designed to hold their form as they melt slowly. 

In respect of the environment and our desire to do our bit, DrinksPlinks trays are also designed for long life use, so you can keep enjoying them year after year.

What Makes Us Different?

There are lots of ice trays on the market, but DrinkPlink's products are different by design. Our trays are made from premium quality, food-grade silicone, with no nasties. We believe that no one else in the world is making large format ice moulds for letters.

DrinksPlinks are no ordinary ice shapes. They’re sized to have attitude. They fit perfectly into glasses to match your favourite drink. The ice is slow melting, so it chills drinks, not dilutes them.

We are always receiving feedback confirming that our products are ice breakers at parties and make for great conversation starters.

Lastly, you can also use our ice cube trays to bake in them and use them for crafting and candle making.

Our People and Outlook

We take customer service extremely seriously and pride ourselves on delivering the best products we can in a growing number of countries around the world.

DrinkPlinks employs a dedicated team that is also passionate about the brand and works very hard. It will not surprise you to learn that we celebrate our successes with our favourite novelty ice cubes or Ice cube letters and shapes from the company freezer.




e:  cheers@drinksplinks.com
t:  +61 491 333 054