Gift Ideas For Cool Dudes

Gift Ideas For Cool Dudes

We reckon that shopping for men is hard. There’s just not as much on offer and what guy really wants more socks and jocks? 

At DrinksPlinks we’ve got gifts we know HE’LL LOVE … and actually use. Again and again. 

Keep it chilled

What’s his favourite drink?
Is he an on the rocks kinda guy?
Give his drink the chill it deserves.

DrinksPlinks ice cubes are BIG which means they melt s-l-o-w-l-y. They chill drinks to the max not dilute them.

Spell it out

What DAD wouldn’t love this! His favourite cake, decorated with chocolate letters.

DrinksPlinks ice trays are not just for ice. They’re food-grade silicone which makes them perfect for baking and chocolate and even crafting.

How to make chocolate letters

To make these chocolate letters we melted white chocolate in the microwave in short bursts of 15-30 seconds, stirring between each burst. 

We added some sprinkles into the silicone moulds and then poured the chocolate in.  

You don’t have to fill each mould to the top. Just keep them all even. It takes a couple of hours for the chocolate to set in the fridge. Then gently ease the chocolate letters out of the moulds and decorate the cake. 

So easy. 

Initial it!

Choose his initials and have some fun

  • Melt chocolate and add nuts
  • Freeze with juice and add to a cocktail
  • Make his favourite drink and personal-ice it.


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