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After filling your ice tray, freeze for at least 5 hours until the ice is solid. Leave it overnight if possible. The actual freezing time will depend on what setting you keep your freezer on. The ice will remain in its intended shape only when it’s completely frozen.

DrinksPlinks Unconventional Slabs are designed for water bottles, jugs and hydro flasks. The ice melts slowly to keep drinks chilled to the max. The Slabs last a lot longer than regular ice. Some customers have told us a Slab lasted 24 hours in a stainless steel drink bottle.

DrinksPlinks molds make large ice shapes and letters designed to fit in Old Fashioned or Whiskey glasses. DrinksPlinks Unconventional Slabs fit in highball glasses. Most ice shapes and letters are 2 inches thick so they’re ideal for cocktails, keeping your drink chilled without diluting too quickly.