Plink. What’s That?

DrinksPlinks megacube

We’re asked all the time where the name DrinksPlinks comes from and what it means.

We didn’t invent the word plink. It’s in the dictionary and technically means a short, sharp ringing sound.

We think it’s more like a cross between tinkling and clinking.

In our world, plink is that joyous sound of ice hitting the glass as you build a cocktail on a Friday night. Is there anything better!
How about the gentle plink of ice in a tall drink on a scorching day.
The plink of a mega cube in a whisky glass in front of the fire.
Or the party plink of all the glasses when everyone says cheers!

Our Brand Name

Plinks is a perfect example of onomatopoeia,say whaaat!! Yep, we’ve going way back to year 7 English and the words that conjure up the sound of the thing you’re describing like sizzle for example, or hiss, or vroom.

So when it came to finding a name for our big, bold ice shapes, DrinksPlinks was perfect and because our ice shapes and letters are slow melting (they chill your drink, not dilute it) our Plinks plink for longer.

Now you know where our name comes from and what it means, plink away.
There’s always a reason to celebrate.

The world needs more plinking!
Maybe we’ll put that on a t-shirt.
OK maybe not.

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  • estelle

    Here can we find in which store can we find drink plink?

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