Spring Into Entertaining

Spring Into Entertaining
It’s time! Invite your friends, throw on some food and get the drinks happening. 
What are you in the mood for? Drinks on Saturday, Sunday brunch, or a casual BBQ? It’s easy to transform your Spring gathering into something memorable.
Don’t Forget The Ice 
Ice is often overlooked when it comes to entertaining, but it’s one of the simplest ways to amp up drinks at home and get everyone talking. 
Load up your ice trays well in advance so you’ve got plenty on hand when guests arrive. 

And don’t just freeze water in DrinksPlinks ice trays. Add edible petals, berries, citrus or herbs to complement the drinks you’re serving.

Some Cool Suggestions 

Serving Bloody Marys? Add cherry tomatoes to DrinksPlinks Unconventional Slabs and serve in highball glasses

    Shaking Margaritas? Freeze slices of fresh lime in DrinksPlinks Letter M ice letters 

      Making Mojitos? Add mint leaves in DrinksPlinks Mega Cubes 

        Love Mimosas? Freeze OJ in DrinksPlinks Love Hearts

          Personal-ice Your Drinks
          DrinksPlinks ice trays come in all the letters of the alphabet, so it’s easy to personal-ice names and drinks. This is a unique and thoughtful touch that makes guests feel special. 
          G is for Gin [of course], Georgia, Gary, Grandma and the Graham family. We’ve got every name and every drink covered from Adam to Zoe and Aperol to Zebratini.

          A Recipe For A Refreshing Spring Sip 

          We love this watermelon and lychee zero alc mocktail. It’s definitely giving Spring vibes and is super refreshing. Perfect for brunch, lunch and afternoon drinks. [Add 45ml of gin to each glass to turn this mocktail  into a cocktail.] 

          Watermelon & Lycee Refresher 
          Serves 4 

          2 limes
          12 fresh lychees, peeled and destoned (or use canned lychees) 
          1L coconut water, chilled
          200g watermelon, cut into small chunks
          3 cups chilled soda water [or lemonade if you like your drinks sweeter]
          Sprigs of fresh mint to garnish

          We froze chunks of watermelon in our Letter W ice tray for WOW factor. 

          Juice the limes. Place lime juice and lychees in a large jug. Using a muddler or wooden spoon to mash lychees just a little, to release some juice. 

          Stir in coconut water.
          Divide watermelon chunks  among 4 x glasses 
          [Add gin if you’re using it]
          Add Letter W ice cubes 
          Divide the lychee mix among the glasses. Top up each glass with soda [or lemonade] and garnish with fresh mint. 


          Cheers to Spring. 🧊

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