We’re All About Slow-Melting Ice

We’re All About Slow-Melting Ice

Ice is an essential ingredient in cocktails.
But not all ice is created equal. DrinksPlinks is all about ice that melts  S-L-O-W-L-Y. 

But why? 

Slow-melting ice is best in cocktails because it chills your drink, not dilutes it. [And no one wants that.] Large-format ice has a lower surface area compared to smaller ice cubes or crushed ice, which means it melts much more slowly. 

Any ice is going to melt and add water to your drink which can dilute the flavours and change the balance of your cocktail. A drink that becomes too diluted will lose its intended flavour profile, so the larger the ice, the slower it melts. 

Slow-melting ice also chills your drink without rapidly altering its temperature. When ice melts too quickly, your drink becomes too cold too fast, which can numb your taste buds and make it difficult to appreciate the subtleties of your cocktail. With slow-melting ice, your drink stays at a more consistent temperature, allowing the flavors to develop over time.

Slow-melting ice tends to be denser and have fewer air bubbles which can result in a smoother texture and appearance in your drink. This is especially important for drinks that are meant to be sipped and savoured, like a classic Old Fashioned, negroni or a whisky on the rocks.

DrinksPlinks makes it easy to elevate cocktails at home, simply by adding ice. Our large-format ice letters and shapes look impressive in the glass and amp up the whole experience - whether it’s a big celebration or a quiet sip.  

So how big are DrinksPlinks ice cubes? 

DrinksPlinks letters are 4 cm deep and DrinksPlinks shapes are 5 cm deep [except our Sassy Spheres]. They make a statement in any drink, adding style and elegance. 

We reckon you’ll easily finish your cocktail before the ice melts. [Oh look, time for another one.]


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