Add Value To Your Christmas Gifts

Add Value To Your Christmas Gifts

This Christmas is all about VALUE and it’s easy to add EXTRA value when you give DrinksPlinks as a gift.

  1.  Add the ingredients for Rocky Road [or better still make some Rocky Road in a mega cube tray and gift the tray and the RR.]
    Here’s our famous
    Rocky Road recipe.

  2.  Add a bunch of fresh herbs (mint, basil & rosemary) to make ice for a favorite cocktail.

    Shop Heart Tray

  3. Add a punnet of fresh berries to make festive ice.

    Shop Pyramid Tray

  4.  Add fresh oranges to make citrus roses.

    Shop Megacube Tray

  5.  Add cherry tomatoes and a Bloody Mary mix. That’s Christmas morning sorted!

    Shop Slab Tray

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