Entertaining at Easter? We got you. Our Top Tips for Easter Brunch

Entertaining at Easter? We got you.  Our Top Tips for Easter Brunch

One of the easiest ways to enjoy family and friends at Easter is by hosting brunch.

Here are our top tips

  1. Make a Mimosa to welcome your guests [details below]
  2. Set up a brunch buffet so everyone can help themselves
  3. Think about your menu and what you can make in advance. We serve smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, finely sliced red onion and salad + warm bagels [dip your bagels briefly in warm water and pop into the oven for 5 mins at 180/160 C fan forced.] Finish by grazing on fresh fruit and indulge in a platter of chocolate treats. [We’ve linked our Rocky Road recipe below]
  4. Get out your crockery, cutlery, glasses and napkins and set them out on the buffet table
  5. And don’t forget to fill up your ice trays!

Make Our Mimosa

Mimosas are back! This classic brunch cocktail is made with orange juice and bubbles.
We’ve added our own twist to make it even more special.

Freeze orange juice in DrinksPlinks Sassy Spheres or heart ice trays.
Unmould and add to your glass and top with bubbles. The hearts work best in coupe glasses or gin goblets. 


DrinksPlinks FAMOUS Rocky Road

This Rocky Road is everything! 

We make it in DrinksPlinks Mega Cubes. Perfect on a dessert platter, or gift to family and friends. 

It’s easy to make, super impressive and uber indulgent. 

Click here to see Rocky Road Recipe.

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