Kickstarter is LIVE And We Need Your Help

Kickstarter is LIVE And We Need Your Help

Our crowdsourcing campaign is LIVE and we’re excited and nervous all rolled into one.

Take me to Kickstarter NOW

If you’re new to the party, we’re using @Kickstarter to crowdsource funds to produce the Alphabet Of Ice Cubes. All the letters from A-Z.


With every letter available, it means everyone can personal-ice their drinks for every occasion and celebration; from birthday parties, engagements, weddings, baby showers and family reunions.

Behind the scenes, we've designed all the letters and tested the prototypes. We’re ready to press GO on production.  

As a small business bootstrapped by our Founder Tania Brocker (read the DrinksPlinks story), it takes $$ to produce all the letters, so we’ve jumped on Kickstarter to raise the money.

With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing. Our fundraising target is $13,411. If we don’t raise ALL THE FUNDS within 30 days, we can’t use any of the money raised. So we absolutely NEED YOUR HELP to meet our goal.

We’ve put together some awesome rewards to thank our backers.
Jump on our Kickstarter page and check out the details. 
Hurry. The SUPER COOL Early Bird Reward is STRICTLY LIMITED. Don’t miss out.

If Kickstarter is successful, the new letters will arrive before Christmas. So that means PRESENTS SORTED for everyone on your list. How good would that be! 
Make a pledge and join the party.

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